A night out in Roswell

A Mimosa Blvd home in Roswell, GA

A Mimosa Blvd home in Roswell, GA

The last week was a crushing one around the house.  Two boys in baseball (at different fields for four nights in the week), dance four nights a week for the eldest daughter, homeschool bowling league, Blue Knights for the boys, American Heritage Girls for the eldest, Lego Robotics Club for the older son….can you identify a few of these event occur simultaneously?  Oh and the two year old always has something going on!  So please forgive the slow photo blog postings.  It just will not happen when the first time I sit down at night is 9:30PM…and 5:35AM looks too close to the dial.

Friday was a treat thought.  I took the Mrs. out to dinner using a little saved up cash from the weekly allowance.  We talked about the children of course, while they made pizza at home.  Oh the joys of having a responsible teenager and eleven year old working together!  

Saturday came, and with it about five and half hours on ball fields for me.  A drizzle of rain in the morning game, and a glorious afternoon of high seventies.  Both boys had to get hit by pitches though.  For Kalen it was the fourth time this year…the boy is a ball magnet!  Since the youngest had a special trip with Dad to the park a few weeks back, the oldest daughter needed a treat.  So I took her downtown last night to Roswell, and found some relatively inexpensive food.  It is wonderful to talk with her about the book she is writing (and I’m the editor of), school, life and the scene around us.  If I don’t take those minutes she’ll be out the door and I won’t even know who she is!

The nice part of being with her though, is that she is a budding artist.  So I was able to pull out the little camera, set it on multiple film types and show her the color of Roswell at night Fujifilm style!

The Old porch at night...

The Old porch at night…

A reception house set up for a wedding 

A reception house set up for a wedding 

Julia's catch

Julia’s catch

If you followed me this far…enjoy this last shot.  Julia saw the moon rising over the church and asked me to see if I could capture it in the photo. 

So after a day praising God we’re back into the thick of it!  Two more weeks of baseball..then it is serious Lego Robotics….then the holidays…thank God I can enjoy this life with such a wonderful family!


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