Our old Bug

The orange VW Bug

The orange VW Bug

My parents were not hippies (not my Army officer Dad!), but we did have this type of camper back in the 70’s.  Since the statue of limitations is over I can tell you we sat five in a car with only three seat belts for several years.  My sister and brother both slept on a hammock over the driver’s seat as toddlers.  I can’t remember if I was in the tent or not.  I think I did, at least once.  We also went to see the first Superman movie at the drive through in this big bug as a family.  That was a fun night.  I also remember holding the check from the back used to pay for it…and as an adult I drove past that spot and memory every day for two years 30 years later.

This automobile may not be a horse, but it does foster bonds between who we are today and our past.  Maybe it is because we associate travel with growth and freedom here in the USA.  I know this is a poor way to explain an American and their automobiles.  I just had to get those stories out.  The car made me do it!


P.S. X-E1 with HDR Efex Pro2, Slight color treatment in Nik Color Efex 4.