Shelby Cobra 67-500

Shelby Cobra 67-500

Shelby Cobra 67-500

This Shelby Cobra is the last of the 67’s.  Number 500 in fact!  I saw the documentation and original window sticker to get all the proof I could need.  

So it is also the last of the Cobras in the original Mustang body style.  As you can see the car also wears a special badge signifying the good work of the owners to maintain it in original form.  Yes it still has that wonderful throaty engine sound.  It has about 14,000 original miles on it (well if I remember accurately).

This photo is available for sale if you’d like to have it adorn you wall, christmas cards or coffee mugs….please contact me at!  It will help me pay for the website!  Let me know the size you are looking for, and I will get you a price quote!





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