Calm in the Storm

Through the storms of life he saves

Through the storms of life he saves

    The four hour trip, planned afternoon meetings, getting a work out….the plans of man.

    The morning storm in the nation’s capital…three inches of snow…two cancelled flights (one after I was on board!), the broken luggage carousel adding over an hour to bag recovery, cancelled meetings and arriving after thirteen hours in the dark on a cold blustery night revealed the plans of nature.

    I kept my calm…almost completely…read two good books by Scott Hahn and most importantly when I thought I was just going to be beyond frustrated for the day found the place to say my rosary.  See I needed calm, and the big glass windows overlooking the tarmac and runways called me.  There I stood in the long Atlanta winter sun, the warmth making me relax, and my rosary called. 

   Today I said the Sorrowful Mysteries (Agony in the Garden, Scourging at the Pillar, Crown of Thorns, Carrying the Cross, and Death on the Cross) and it put me right into my place.  I thought I had a bad day?  That was a bad day!

    Suddenly tonight as I was preparing for bed I knew Christ had provided my daily photography inspiration.  I could not pass it up, or fail to share right away.  It was the what the spirit wished me to do to give back some glory to the Lord for my safe travels.  

   Vivat Jesus!