A memory of the Knights

    I’m on a trip to D.C. and I really wanted to walk the city a bit…well at 7 degrees this morning and 15 this evening walking around town was not an option.  It was to work, to a meal along the way back and to bed.  I just don’t have the right hot gear to have photography fun today.  I’m also really tired after a long day of work.  I think I walked an easy six to seven miles today between meetings and around the city.  I should be in better shape…

    Today out of the blue a friend of mine called to tell me he had joined the Knights of Columbus this year…always wanted to, and finally did it this year.  I was overjoyed to hear the news.  See my favorite memories from my last stint here in Virginia came mostly from my work with the Knights.

   Instead of a current memory I thought back to my favorite memories of my previous years here in the region.  An this image taken last year about this time was one bringing back good times with my friends helping others, caring for our families or being the visible arm of the order!

    Vivat Jesus!