Saint Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas

    St. Thomas Aquinas wrote millions of words in his lifetime.  Today was St. Thomas Aquinas’ feast day.  So my picture tonight is of his last work, the Shorter Summa.  I must say it is a masterpiece.  It says more in a paragraph than I can muster with a novel.  I am slowly working my way through it.  I can handle one chapter at a time.  Then I have to really meditate on what he said, because see I am just an old infantryman not used to such big thoughts.  Once I get it though, I am inspired for weeks.

    Been working the real job a total of 15 out of 16 days straight….so I’m a little tired but also creatively needy.  So when my patron saint’s day came up today, I just had to take a few minutes to enjoy it in my own special ways.  First I got to be with my kids, watch a few minutes of a movie, say a rosary with my daughter, and then grab the camera of course to remember the man for what he was most famous!  No I will be off to bed for a long winter’s nap!


PS To get the effects I experimented with gels on my flash.  It was quite fun!  Processed in Capture One 8, my current favorite editing suite.