A big step for a little boy towards God’s grace

Kevin goes to his first confession..the joys of a telephoto lens....

Kevin goes to his first confession..the joys of a telephoto lens….

    Yesterday was one of those milestone days in our family.  Our third child, Kevin, went to his first confession.  He’s been asking to go for the last month, and yesterday was the day set up for a third of the second grade classes to attend.  The true milestone though was Kevin asked to go to confession over a month ago.  We parents only had to facilitate the sacrament.  I believe this is is a sign God sent the gift of faith to Kevin.  

    As parents, my wife and I believe the greatest judgment God will put on us is whether or not we did our best to bring the word of God to our children.    Please note I did not say successfully bring the word, attend at church strictly, ensure memorization of text or anything like that .  I said God will judge us our efforts at doing our best in evangelizing our children.  

    At this point of my spiritual growth I fully recognize the gift of faith is one I cannot bestow on myself.  If I cannot bestow this gift on myself, I also cannot bestow it on others!  All I can do personally is develop my fear of the Lord into love of the Lord.  Where I lack skills in evangelization for my children, I must look for other places for children to find them.  After all the yapping is done, the real work still rests with God.  God bestows the gifts of the spirit, as needed, for us to accomplish the tasks he gives us.

    Over the last year we just did our best to help Kevin learn his act of contrition, talk to him about forgiveness, repenting, and repairing damage made by our sins.  My wife and I also constantly work to provide the children a somewhat peaceful environment around the home.  There God can speak to our children without undue distraction.  We are glad our travels, orchestrated by God, led us to be with many others who believe in the same parental mission.

    We fully recognize God’s hand guided the course of events inside Kevin’s heart.  Those events led the little boy to accept God’s gift of grace yesterday at confession.  It bodes of so much potential grace to follow in his life, if he continues to move on the same path into manhood.  

    Today however, I will use these photos to remember the moment this little boy took his first step into adulthood as a Catholic.  It is wonderful and overwhelming to see God working in our midst.  That is after all why I started carrying the camera in the first place…


Capturing his Glory!

Kevin signs the book of the elect with his own hand.

Kevin signs the book of the elect with his own hand.