The Request Granted

    Tonight I finished up a long deployment worth of work far from home.  I took a walk and for the first time was able to enjoy a few minutes of golden hour sun bathing the sights around me.  The Cathedral was already locked up tight, so I could not visit the Blessed Sacrament one last time before I went home (Mass was wonderful yesterday morning though!).  Then my little phone buzzed.  I saw a note from my friend, fantastic photographer and master marketer Kristi Church (Here is one of her current projects while I sat at the corner of the street in front of the church (cool..Mrs Church sends a note while I am at the church).

    In the note she asked me to post my photo from a few days ago…well I looking at the light I said there has to be something new I can do for her.  So here you go Kristi!  A new photo session just for you!

    This photo goes to my Americana side of my artwork.  This statue sits in front of the Federal Reserve Band of Cleveland.  (You can find out about the Cleveland Fed at this website)  The statue reminded me of my youth, when John Wayne and my grandfathers seemed to me made of the same cloth.  A cloth of masculine strength and obedience to a power far higher than they.  The monument still bursts forth more symbology telling a story through timeless allegory.  Through the story I could understand the mission of the organization housed inside, and a mission greater than merely survival.  I could sense a call to greatness.

    Then I turned to some fascinating modern architecture adjacent to this site.  It was rich geometry, but devoid of character.  No story do they tell, and no greatness other than self importance do they speak to.  They also can change like the wind, by merely changing the sign you change their purpose and function.  In modernity I found no timelessness enduring story, only narcissism for serving a purpose here and now.   Sadly I could see in it those modern buildings a desire to replace the role models of my youth and American heritage with a one world order world.  A skyscraper here is the same as Dubai, Mexico City, Tokyo or Shanghai.  Scary thought, but the symbolism stood starkly there before me.  

    So here is the request granted Mrs Church!

God Bless