You know you lost…

This man stood fast with the truth of his arguments.

This man stood fast with the truth of his arguments.

    As we move into Holy Week, I want to note how you can spot someone who knows they cannot not win a logical argument.   It is really quite simple.  As you listen to a debate, if one of debate participants suggests changing the definition of a known word the debate is lost to them.  This is when the only hope to win is to make a word change its meaning, or attach an emotion to a word which will overshadow the logical reality presented in the judges’s presence.

    So with this in mind you should now be able to clearly see what “progressive” really means in debate terms.  Progressives will change a word like a chameleon changes colors.  It explains why words which mean one thing for all of history, must now change and bow to “modernity.”  It explains why some people are so hostile to classical homeschooling education.  If one is to know the truth as revealed throughout the ages past, it does not allow you to willingly follow an illogical tyrant to your death.

    This week as you pray and reflect on what the Lord did for us, put his life into its original context.  If you do this I believe you will find the salvation story did not change from Genesis to the Cross or the Acts of the Apostles.  Salvation’s themes did not change with the shape of the sand dunes, or the empires in charge of the world since the Apostles either.

    Salvation history and natural law only change if you personally think you know more than God.  It also assumes you can rewrite the laws of nature itself to suite your world view.  Thankfully for those times when we all let our selfishness out of the box, we can turn to God for mercy.  After paying the piper for our sins, we certainly can get back on the proper path to communion in heaven with the Lord.