Honor thy mother!

The Holy Mother leads us always to her son Jesus Christ

The Holy Mother leads us always to her son Jesus Christ

    The greatest gift of motherhood, and femininity, is the the gift of building communities.  The most important community women form is their family.  In almost all homes, our mother teaches us the traditions we will remember into our adulthood.  It is to our mother that we cry when in need, or desire to share a success.

    It is no different that Catholics should turn to Mary as our Christian mother.  Mary dutifully spent everyday of her life working God’s will, and as a reward received God’s graces.  She carried Jesus to birth in her womb, guided Jesus through his youth, helped him start his ministry, and wept as his lifeless body came off the cross.  It was to Mary the angels first announced Christ’s resurrection, and then Mary became the mother of the early Christian community in Jerusalem.  In the tradition of King Solomon, Christ’s mother Mary became the Queen Mother of the church and heaven in due course of time.  Everything she did continued to lead others to the teachings of her son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

    In our domestic churches, mothers deserve no less respect and admiration.  In my home, my wife is the heart of the family.  After months of severe morning sickness, today she was able to spend great amount of time and energy with her children.  They responded to her voice, her requests, and felt her love anew.  It formed many wonderful new memories.  I found myself reminded of why I knew on our first date almost 18 years ago she would be a wonderful mother.

   So today I hope you were able to pray for and share a moment with all the mothers in your life.


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