Trouble in River City!

Professor Harold Hill and you have trouble!

Professor Harold Hill and you have trouble!

    Our school put on one of my two favorite musicals this year….Musicman!  If there ever was a show I’d want to be the male lead in, it would be this one!  The directors did a great job with the kids on this production.  Having been in plays in high school, and our class production at West Point for 100th Night, I am ever in awe with how much work everyone puts into making such a fantastic night.

    The teachers and cast turned an old stage into a place of magic for this old soul for just a little while.

    For right now I can say I have three of my children who performed on stage for the first time tonight.  My daughter did her favorite thing…sing and dance.  One special music teacher has my big girl singing with confidence for the first time in her life, and it is a blessing from heaven to see her smile when she sings!  One teacher let my daughter dance, and taught her to act.  Another teacher took my sons…one who did not act and one who is a natural…and brought out something special in each for a night they are taking into next year in the lower school play.

    More later…late night is just about done.  I just got all the photos ready to push out to parents from both upper and lower school performances.  Only a couple hours of work…learning a lot of tricks and techniques building my style and processing plans.  It really is my only contribution to the work the teachers and kids put into it.  I hope they like the album and can just sit back and enjoy their hard work with these memories I give them tonight.