An Anniversary Present

The first blooms of the year...and a tribute to resiliance

The first blooms of the year…and a tribute to resiliance

    This is my third annual tribute to two of my Grandparents on what would be their anniversary month….my Babcha and DjaDja.  This was the flower Babcha loved dearly, and my grandfather scrounged up for all their dates during World War II in Boston, Massachusetts.  A special couple and full of love.  Through better and worse they made a good life together, and have a wonderful love story.  I miss my DjaDja and wish I could visit my Babcha more often…

    What is hard to tell here is that two years ago this bush almost died in the coldest winter in decades.  We had no blossoms last year.  So this year I am loving the sweet fragrance of these flowers, and their beauty before my eyes. 

   My next project is to get my Nana’s favorite flowers so I can do the same in the memory of my other grandparents!  Such good people, and examples of time hardened marriages!  Their grey hair are crowns of glory as spoken in proverbs, and had so much to pass on I just did not have time or the experience to fathom.


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  1. You are an amazing man, Eric Wojtkun. And we love you all the more for it. Suzi-kins šŸ™‚

    • Thanks Suzi-kins. That is a decent expectation to live up to everyday! I’ll keep working on it!

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