The Card Game

The proof of the crime

The proof of the crime

    As promised I continue the portrait work…here you see a portrait with a story.  In this case, ” How do you make sure you can beat Dad?” It is quite simple actually.  Play Go Fish with a twist.  Deal Dad a six, leave two sixes in the stack, and sit on the fourth one.  My boys are genius!  


P.S. What I think actually happened was Son #2 dealt the card fast and flung it at his brother,  Brother missed the card and did not notice it hit the seat.  He moved once and it went under his thigh….and Dad did not see it until we cleaned up and he stood up!  Photo taken with the Fujifilm XT-1, 23mm lens and processed in Capture One…

An Anniversary Present

The first blooms of the year...and a tribute to resiliance

The first blooms of the year…and a tribute to resiliance

    This is my third annual tribute to two of my Grandparents on what would be their anniversary month….my Babcha and DjaDja.  This was the flower Babcha loved dearly, and my grandfather scrounged up for all their dates during World War II in Boston, Massachusetts.  A special couple and full of love.  Through better and worse they made a good life together, and have a wonderful love story.  I miss my DjaDja and wish I could visit my Babcha more often…

    What is hard to tell here is that two years ago this bush almost died in the coldest winter in decades.  We had no blossoms last year.  So this year I am loving the sweet fragrance of these flowers, and their beauty before my eyes. 

   My next project is to get my Nana’s favorite flowers so I can do the same in the memory of my other grandparents!  Such good people, and examples of time hardened marriages!  Their grey hair are crowns of glory as spoken in proverbs, and had so much to pass on I just did not have time or the experience to fathom.


A Father’s Calling

A Father's first calling is to bring his children to know and love the Lord

A Father’s first calling is to bring his children to know and love the Lord

    What is the role of father?  In the image above you can see some of the roles he ordained for us.

    We see Joseph, the earthly father of Christ standing watch over Christ.  The cloak is on showing us he is ready to move in any direction God ordains.  His staff in hand serves as an extra support with the ground, keeping him in touch with the reality of natural law.  It also serves as a weapon, to protect his charges and extend his reach using the wisdom of God to make tools with the knowledge he bestows on us through revelation.  Joseph did his duty to provide shelter for his wife, so she could for fill the task of providing a home for their son.  Together they made an environment welcoming angels into their home as messengers of God’s wisdom.   I can feel in this moment Joseph already thinking of presenting this gift of our savior to our Lord in the temple of Jerusalem…here he participates showing the wonderful reciprocation of salvation history by Christ becoming man.

    Finally we see a child coming to the Holy Family.  It is our job as fathers to bring our children to Christ, teach them the words of wisdom Christ provided, and a quiet place where Christ can speak to them without all the distractions of the world.  I put the child in focus, because this is our fatherly mission on earth.  The Holy Family, through recognizable is out of focus.  The refinement a child’s view on the mysteries of God is a gift of grace given by God alone.


P.S.  Thanks to my Dad for giving me a safe place to Love the Lord and work ethic, my Pappap for showing me the power of the Rosary and spiritual fatherhood, and my DjaDja for embracing the culture of life with a rich family life.  A special thanks to my father-in-law who has taught me many ways to torture young suitors who would like to court my daughters in the near future.

The Roar of the Lion

The roar of the lion in Chippewa Square, Savannah, Georgia

The roar of the lion in Chippewa Square, Savannah, Georgia

    The lion is ready to finally roar!  After months of pretty serious thinking I thought I would remind folks out there I am a photographer, who is serious about learning his craft!  

   My attempt here was to create some emotion in the viewer with this photo.  Let me know if it worked!