Teaching Virtues

Oh the fun of teaching virtues

Oh the fun of teaching virtues

    The hardest part of virtue training is we all need to do it everyday.  The most fun you can have in virtue training is to come up with ways to make your children remember the experience. On this night my buddy Les worked up the game and the stations for our club.

    Each child went to the start point and put four weights on the arms and legs.  They then faced the questioning period of three questions.  Successful answers removed one weight.  Then you ran the obstacle course to me…standing in for St Joseph where you recited your St Joseph prayer.  I told the boys to talk to their mother.  Then you went to Mary, portrayed this evening by a lovely four year old, to say the hail Mary.  Mary then sent the boys to her son Jesus (represented by a crucifix) to recite their Act of Contrition to dump their final weights.  The whole event gets timed and champion crowned.

    I think it was fun to see this little girl’s reaction to the boys coming to her, especially her big buddy above.  For the record…the boys did pretty well on answering the questions.  

    This is why photojournalism is so much fun. Capturing real life, not made up stories or events designed to draw the press in is what excites me!  It makes you think on your feet as a photographer with your tools at hand.  When the action happens you have to grab it fast!


P.S. The boys you see above are all part of the Blue Knights Boys Club we started two years ago…we hope to grow a little this year at a new home….praying hard it can work out.