Raging Good Time!

    Back to school picnic 2015!  Kids reunite with old friends, and new friends learn our favorite games.  Oh the fun and energy of youth just cannot be beat when I go on assignment!

    I often get asked,”When is the best time to photograph children?” I always reply when they are at play.  I should also add right after they ate and before they need a nap!  The photo above contains all those elements, and the reward to me the photographer is an image I can enjoy and share with many parents!

    Well incase you are wondering….the school is Regina Caeli Academy (or http://www.rcahybrid.org/)  and it is a wonderful place to call home!


P.S.  For you techies out there…Fujifilm is on a roll right now.  They just updated our firmware on the X-T1 to improve autofocus on erratically moving subjects like these kids!  In a poorly lit situation the camera locked on and captured some nice photos, suitable for yearbooks, school websites, or parents refrigerators!