New Seat at the Table

A New Seat comes to the table

A New Seat comes to the table

      As we await our fifth child, I must confess the lifetime calculators have me worried.  Birth, food, college, weddings, dance lessons, music, school, medical, housing and of course food…they all cost something. Many people tell me we are nuts for having this many children.  I always tell them I could never give up one of these wonderful lights in my world.  We believe nothing should be free to us, or we sinned by enslaving someone to us without a just salary. So I cannot cheat someone of a just wage.  We already sacrifice things, and care for 30 year old sofa’s because they still work just fine.  Yet I still wonder how I will make ends meet over the next 25 years or so! 

   The weekly readings sounded a timely note in my home.  The disciples fearing they could not feed the 5,000 before them wanted to send them away to find food on their own, lest they riot or go hungry.  Jesus on the other hand calms his disciples, and feeds them miraculously.  

   So as I listened to the Sunday sermon, and the divine office yesterday, I found myself comforted.  I’ll find a way to provide if I listen to our Lord’s call.  We’ll find a way to make due because he will help us find a path.  We just need to do our part, listen to his call, and maximize the tools God gave us.

   We know the lives in our home have the potential for doing a special missions for our Lord, that we could never dream of.  Maybe a priest, nun, or a parent of God fearing family…maybe someone who saves a life for the Lord physically and spiritually…maybe a simple child who inspires with simple acts of faith.  I now find myself relishing the unveiling before us in the coming years.  Sweat and tears in the years ahead for sure, but what good things come from a life of complete ease?

  I hope to live out  for my parents and experience the following words from Proverbs 17:6

“Grandchildren are the crown of old men, and the glory of children is their parentage.”


P.S.  We are supposed to be at the hospital this morning, but there are no beds right now…please pray for good news soon!

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  1. That is why God put people who love and care about you in your life – to watch over your family as well. We love you guys! Welcome baby Echo!

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