Ready to Climb

Wrong way climbing is strength building

Wrong way climbing is strength building

    A playground always brings out the best in kiddos…open spaces and fresh challenges every day!  I always love to watch the little guys and gals climb the slide backwards for the challenge and shortcut to the top!  In the case of this mountain climber the hill will pose no obstacle!


P.S.  for you tech-cats  this was the X-T1 sporting the 18-135 zoom.  A nice all around tool in good light.  When you hit the playground it is good to have a tool which reaches out and goes wide at a whim.  You don’t miss too much action that way!  If you hire a photographer for an event, make sure he has the tools for the job you need done.  That is why a good guy will have to charge a little bit more…he has to pay for the right gear and it costs a good amount to purchase.


Buds posing perfectly

    What happens when you take three sweet little girls, from three different grades, all growing up together over the years and let them play?  Magic smiles and poses appear!  Their different heights made a naturally interesting composition!  Maybe this will make it past the yearbook editor and get a thumbs up!


P.S. Ok Fujifilm fans this was my often neglected 35mm prime set at F2.0 to handle the poor gym lighting.  Yes the ISO is 3200, but the X-Series RAW file handles it well in Capture One 8.  Even the jpeg was excellent!  I just enjoy playing with RAW files whenever possible because I adore the extra headroom to craft my final images.

Raging Good Time!

    Back to school picnic 2015!  Kids reunite with old friends, and new friends learn our favorite games.  Oh the fun and energy of youth just cannot be beat when I go on assignment!

    I often get asked,”When is the best time to photograph children?” I always reply when they are at play.  I should also add right after they ate and before they need a nap!  The photo above contains all those elements, and the reward to me the photographer is an image I can enjoy and share with many parents!

    Well incase you are wondering….the school is Regina Caeli Academy (or  and it is a wonderful place to call home!


P.S.  For you techies out there…Fujifilm is on a roll right now.  They just updated our firmware on the X-T1 to improve autofocus on erratically moving subjects like these kids!  In a poorly lit situation the camera locked on and captured some nice photos, suitable for yearbooks, school websites, or parents refrigerators! 

The magic of the 56 at 2.8

Oh the magic is back...

Oh the magic is back…

    About two weeks ago I splurged on a tool used for a job I did this past weekend: A Fujifilm 56mm F1.2 prime lens.  This is primarily a portrait lens, and it fits right into my goal for the year, to take better portraits of people.  Last year when I test drove this lens for ten days I was sad to see it go home, and I vowed to one day find it one sale.  I found this copy used without the box and lens hood…but for 30% off retail it was a good deal.

    I will be the first one to tell you, it is not the equipment which makes a photo. The photographer makes the photo using the equipment at hand.  I know people who can shoot circles around me using manual film cameras and while developing film in the darkroom.  I will also tell you it does not hurt to have a special piece of equipment or two to use from time to time.  

    So here is one of my first four shots from my short telephoto (ok purists a 56mm on an APS-C sensor is an 85mm on a 35mm camera so yes it is a short telephoto).  A really nice shot of happy boy, who is growing before my eyes this summer.

    I look forward to sharing more from this lens in the years to come.  With a little permission from my last customer maybe I can show you the work I did this weekend for some wonderful women.  Fuji made a classic lens, and I am very lucky to have one to learn more of my craft.