And the World Begins to Grow

    As with most newborn families, we continue spending time letting Momma recover and John Paul his rest.  We are now at the beginning of a period I look as magical.  It is the time a baby can see further than his fist, shapes take on meaning, and eye contact begets social reactions.

    In between common household chores with my four big kids, a quick reward trip for donuts at Mr. Dunkin’s, and making an indoor BBQ we got time with the new son as his world expanded once again.  This is the reward time for Dad’s and family members.  Facial gestures, words and coos get replies from this intelligent creature of God’s creation.  I also find this is when we start to get a fuller assessment of a child’s personality.

    So as we head off to church this is a typical slow, family oriented weekend in my home.  Yet it is one I am fully thanking God for, because this is what the rewards of putting family life first is all about.