Knightly Calling for Fathers in an age of Materialism

    Fathers have many responsibilities towards their children.  The foremost is to call them to adulthood.  By adulthood I will further clarify by defining this as the ability of a person to take responsibility for their actions, care for themselves, and to assume the role as a mentor to others.  Fathers undertake this task in many ways, since fathers and their children are each unique in personality and temperament.   Looking at the headlines today, one can see the effects of a world where fatherhood was neglected or neutered by over feminization for a generation.

   The first and foremost venue to raise a child into adulthood is the home.  In the home a father can, and should demonstrate the agape and friendship needed to make a marriage thrive through the many challenges life throws our way.  When a child sees the toil we go through, and many forms of love needed to keep this vital relationship alive, they will be better prepared to be a spouse themselves.  Logically, this also provides proper formation for our religious as well to serve the families placed in their care.

    Other outside venues should serve to enhance those homebound lessons.  You can use sports, camping, youth groups, lego clubs or an organization like Blue Knights clubs to reinforce those internal values.  The key to successful use of these other venues will be how you as a Father keep Christ in the center, and make a child move towards the three goals of adulthood mentioned above.

   I believe a key ingredient to raising a child in the Western tradition is the inclusion of chivalry in all we fathers do, and expect of our children.  Chivalry is in no way an outdated concept for men or women.  It actually puts in place a set of guidelines to create peaceful order amongst people, without a need for governmental intervention in all human relationships.  

    Chivalry sets us all under the kingship of God.  Christians know all our works here on earth will receive judgement at the end of our lives, and determine our eternal home.  This provides vital aspect of accountability lacking in modernism. It also conforms with the teachings of the Catholic faith we seek to instill into our children’s lives.

    Once we assume we are under the kingship of God, everything else starts falling in place.  We respect our elders and mentors.  We assume responsibility for our personal care, and seek not to burden others with our poor or slothful decisions.  We serve at the feet of those who teach us, and serve those placed in our care when posted to leadership positions.  We respect our bodies, and keep them pure to fulfill our adult vocation.  We respect the opposite sex, and marvel in the ways our complementary natures build the kingdom of God on earth better than one alone.  

    As fathers we seek to move our children towards these principles of life.  Chivalrous fathers do not make excuses, or blame others for our personal or children’s failures to reach ideal behavior.  Instead of complaining, we work towards righting the wrong or finding the cause of a problem. Chivalrous fathers also do not run from their duties, they embrace them.  We use the marvelous gifts of the Holy Mother Church to obtain spiritual forgiveness, guidance, and the strengthening fortification of Eucharist. When we see a need of a youngster who is without a chivalric example in life, we provide it.

    Fathers have a Knightly call. Fathers and men who respond to this call can do a great deal to help put Godly order back into the world.  In this author’s opinion, it might be a great way to help the world our one Knight at a time.

Thanksgiving For My Riches

    I will simply say last night was glorious.

    A day full with early diaper changes, management of an energetic three year old, four hours with 10-13 year olds working on Lego Robotics, too much work not done around the house, and a still recovering Momma ended in an evening of riches and thanksgiving to God.

    Why?  Because after years of fighting the thought I am finally putting nails, locks and fittings on the lid of the modernism heresy in my life. I still like fast cars, the best house, fast computers, new cameras and fancy dresses for my girls.  I just know the true rewards in a fleeting life meant to work our way to heaven are the moments where God’s love shines through us.  I’ll work hard to get the tools needed to survive, but not to the detriment of the mission of unity with God.

    So when John Paul fell asleep on my shoulder before dinner, just brining him to the table nestled there with the rest of the family was a joyful moment of God’s plan for heaven peeping through.  I could almost imagine the four babies we lost with us at the table as well…the whole family was there in a moment of peace.  It is almost a moment one would hope could be eternal.

   I am finally following Jesus guidance by accepting in my heart, my true kingdom is not of this world.  This world is a passing moment in our eternal lives.  The eternal is the reward.  What a wonderful table that will be.


18 Years Today….We met!

    Eighteen years ago today…right about now a young 26 year old Army Infantry Captain stood at the door of a 23 year old Army Nurse Lieutenant to go on a blind date in Columbus, Georgia.  What a ride it became!

    For the record two things happened, which rate as miracles.  See Carrie’s Dad picked up the phone when I called her apartment!  He did not interrogate me during the phone call, like he should have.  Then he even left to go home to Los Angeles the morning of our date after having Daddy time with his girl!  Oh if he only knew!  I would have been gone!

    The second miracle was she said ok to the date…my offer must have been so bad that her friend Polly had to tell her “What is the worst that can happen?  You get dinner and a ride in a nice new truck!”

   Since that day we’ve only been apart when duty called.  I cannot believe how full my life became since that blessed day. Five kiddos later she still loves me, which counts as yet another miracle!

   I am lucky and blessed a hundred times over!


Remember 9-11 and Pray

    Today I had the opportunity to attend the Blue Mass honoring and praying for all First Responders with Bishop Gregory at Christ the Redeemer in Atlanta.  Met many men and women who man the line and guard us from the terrors of the night.  Thanks be to God for such men and women.

    I pray our nation returns to God with respect for Natural Law and the life of the unborn so we can be the great nation our founders intended.