18 Years Today….We met!

    Eighteen years ago today…right about now a young 26 year old Army Infantry Captain stood at the door of a 23 year old Army Nurse Lieutenant to go on a blind date in Columbus, Georgia.  What a ride it became!

    For the record two things happened, which rate as miracles.  See Carrie’s Dad picked up the phone when I called her apartment!  He did not interrogate me during the phone call, like he should have.  Then he even left to go home to Los Angeles the morning of our date after having Daddy time with his girl!  Oh if he only knew!  I would have been gone!

    The second miracle was she said ok to the date…my offer must have been so bad that her friend Polly had to tell her “What is the worst that can happen?  You get dinner and a ride in a nice new truck!”

   Since that day we’ve only been apart when duty called.  I cannot believe how full my life became since that blessed day. Five kiddos later she still loves me, which counts as yet another miracle!

   I am lucky and blessed a hundred times over!


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