Where did the baby girl go?

    Just a month ago I had a baby girl roaming my house.  Today I have this little girl, who reminds me she is a big girl.  She puts in hair in ponies and tells me she is cute, and plays with toy horses with glee.  She chases her brothers with lightsabers with complete abandon, and swings with power a Sith could desire.  Oh where has my baby girl gone?

    The baby girl is now a determined little girl.  Her red hair, gleams in the sun and proclaims the fire of her will to set things right.  Mary Kate Danaher (Maureen O’Hara-the quiet man) would meet her match in this little lady! This little girl keeps the boys on notice, and then smiles coyly at her Dad…keeping him wrapped around her still little finger.  Oh the Daddy knows the trick being played, and only prays the rosary harder begging for her to use that fire for the Lord all her days!  What a force for God she could one day be!

    My baby girl is now a little girl…and all is as it should be!



Melting your heart

    These are the moments when a parent’s heart melts just a little.  Between normal conflicts children have over toy ownership, using crayons on someone else’s homework, songs being sung too many times, and a dozen other issues we occasionally have little moments where we catch a glimpse of parental heaven. Whenever your children find displaying the love of friendship (filia) for the fate of their siblings, you know something you are doing worked to get God’s message through to your charges for at least a moment.

    If our parental hearts melt in joy with a moment like this, I can only imagine the joy in heaven when one of us reaches sainthood to go beyond the gates into heaven.  Angels of all types singing, saints of old grinning and reaching for our hand, and a parental smile on Christ after passing the test of our final judgement might be amongst the sights and sounds we’d see.  Oh the glories of such thought!

    Well for five minutes I saw my parental heaven walking before me again…I hope we all get to enjoy it in heaven as well!