Baby’s world grows

    The verdict is in…getting your own crib is what a man is supposed to do!  John Paul began the journey of leaving our room to the boys bunk area by testing out the crib.  He found the decor very masculine, the sound system soothing, and dancing animals to his liking.

    I felt a wide range of emotions as I set up the crib.  Here is, not even three months old, and he is already outgrowing the clothes and his cradle!  It is the start of the journey to adulthood for John Paul.  At least he has a stuffed St John Paul the Great to keep him company!  Despite the knowledge he has to grow up, I don’t want him to do it completely alone!

    It must not be much different than the feeling Jesus must have as he sees us move on in our lives…  He wants us to be individuals, he gives us the tools to grow and live good independent lives.  He just does not want to see us do it all alone.  He actually begs us to bring him along.  Oh that we could always do that!