Back In Time – At Home

    A busy morning, wife enduring a rude passenger at security, fast flight with a peaceful baby and hungry five year old, picked up by your Dad and Kevin’s God Father….a logistics masterpiece of a day.  Arrived in home to do what all sons do when they get into their parents home…whether 20 or 44…fell asleep in the big cushy chair.

    The fall light on Foliage View Farm is a dream for photographers.  Long, warm light dances on the hills and remaining leaves.  It is instantly romantic, and the lack of noise from the city is enough to make you feel you’ve gone back in time.  Well the Model A running down the road with your son hanging out the pick up bed holding the dog really does complete the illusion!

    It is a good day to be home and going back in time.


One thought on “Back In Time – At Home

  1. I am really feeling not seeing you this weekend before Thanksgiving, but it looks like you’ll have a blast with your family. Sorry for the rude person that Carrie encountered 😦 Miss you guys and love you!!!! Great photo (yes, again – GREAT PHOTO!)

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