Miracle Photo of our Year

July 29, 2015: The miracle moment photo

July 29, 2015: The miracle moment photo

    This year was one of great sacrifice as we worked to bring John Paul into the world.  Sacrifice came in many forms.  Carrie labored daily fighting nausea which would bring me to tears, the children contributed to running the house more than ever, people took time to pray for us around the country, friends and family also dropped all to come and help in moments of need.  The work continues today as my wife recovers and the family adjusts.  We could not be more grateful for the sacrifice of others and health of John Paul.

    John Paul continues to be our miracle of a baby.  He smiles and brings out the best in all of us.  He truly is a gift from heaven teaching us to  live out agape love without restraint.   As a reward our hearts filled with more love from heaven than we could have ever imagined in our materialistic world.

    We’ll pray your year wraps up well, and the next one brings you the spiritual direction needed to walk towards Christ with more strength than ever before.