Dallas, Texas and Thankful Prayers

    On a short visit to Dallas, Texas and it is already a good adventure!

    On the trip to the hotel I learned it was near no traveller destinations, unless you consider the red light theater and Bombshells Restaurant (with a less than stellar Google rating).  Then to make things more exciting the taxi blew a tire on the highway!  Luckily we were able to cruise to a stop at the exit where the hotel was located.  Just under a half a mile walk with roller bags through tall grass on an access road and I was there!  I must say my driver was very courteous and concerned, although I was more concerned about him!  I even walked back to check on him after I dropped off my bags.

    Walking around town was interesting.  I saw seven different patrol units from various local law enforcement agencies.  I think the razor wire around a hotel, fenced in compounds near the hotel,  and cars coming together for short visits with people popping in and out of windows was what detectives call a “clue” the red light theater was not the only thing exciting around here for them.

    It was a mile walk to IHOP, and I was a little sad when I got there since of course my world favorite pancakes were not on my available eating list.  It was very crowded, and the crew was working their tails off.  Service came with a smile.  On the way home, belly full I got a little creative with my photos.  When I arrived home I realized most of them were going to end up black and white since I had a high and bright sun.  I’ll share some tonight.  

    The purpose of this is to say I had some real thankfulness when I said my Divine Mercy Chaplet and Rosary last night.  I was thinking this type of day was why our forefathers would build devotional sites halfway between towns in old Europe.   Evil and nastiness is a part or our world.  Recognizing the good people we meet on our travels inside these crazy evil clouds, lets us remember our job is to Capture His Glory in our hearts through them each and every moment of the day.  For this I was thankful, and we all should be when we see people living virtue powered by God’s grace.