In the magic of a moment…

John Paul looks into his DjaDja's eyes

John Paul looks into his DjaDja’s eyes

    In the magic of a moment we can see glimpses of heaven on earth.  On this day when John Paul sat with his DjaDja (his Grandfather), I enjoyed watching this scene play out over 45 minutes.  John Paul was content to sit right on his DjaDja’s lap and listen to the rhythm of tapping hands, the touch of a hand on his head, or to reach for his grandfather’s face and feel the texture of his elder.  

    When their eyes met, it was magic to see the connection grow between them.  It appeared John Paul could tell innately DjaDja was family without the need of an adult logical thought process.  Maybe evolutionary smell, facial similarities, or voice recognition causes this.  I think there is also somewhere in here a gift of the spirit letting us enjoy the gift of multi-generational family.

    I hope one day to hold my grandchildren, and watch my children bring them to know the Glory of God.  These would be gifts worth more than the finest gold and food.  It is a shame so many people today across the world think so little of a gift like this.  Or worse, succumb to despair and think bringing children into this world is hopeless in making it a City of God.

    In the magic of this captured moment, I hope and pray grace will flow to help others receive a gift of the spirit calling them to join in the act of creation built into our nature by God himself.  Then we can all help build a City of God one loving glance at a time.


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