Capturing the Glory of our Spiritual Dawn

Windmill on the property of the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament, Hanceville, Alabama

Windmill on the property of the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament, Hanceville, Alabama

    When I saw this windmill I could see the outline, but not the details.  The vast contrast between the bright rising sun and the shadow side of the windmill also deprived my eyes of fine color detail.  My brain knew what was before me, but my senses could not grasp all the details as the wind gently started moving the blades and changing the scene.  

    I looked into the scene and then began to think of our spiritual lives.  We first know the world as it exists around us with natural light and law.  When God’s light falls on the land the contrast between the right and wrong becomes distinct.  What we thought before of our environment will radically change if we embrace God’s law as our spiritual dawn arises.

    This is the key moment in the transition between dawn to day in our spiritual lives.  If we accept God’s law over us, the light will continue to grow into full day.  If we decide to follow man’s law alone, we’ll need to wait for the street lamps to come on to make sense of the world.  Street lamps are no substitute for God’s light.

    Even with embracing God’s Law bringing on our spiritual day, our earthly minds will never see the world as clearly as God sees it.  We will, however, be gifted with the knowledge and graces needed to avoid pitfalls if we ask for them with heart, mind and soul.  If we grasp the offered graces, sacraments, and penance we have a better chance to stay on the path to heaven.  

    If we obtain the prize of heaven through the gift of God’s mercy, we will one day see as God sees.  The outlines will suddenly become full of detail, the high contrast will yield brilliant color, and the slightest breeze will be noticed and appreciated.  

   Sounds good to me…