Prayers are Good

Holy Spirit Catholic Church Doraville, GA

Holy Spirit Catholic Church Doraville, GA

    Prayer is good.  The saints say we are made to pray.  Heaven is all prayer all the time.  Thank God we still have places we can go and be in his presence for just 15 minutes!

    Last year I embarked on a year with a prayer intention book.  I am so happy for the many good returns, the strength delivered for continued toil, and friendships made stronger by unity in prayer.  It is now a habit, and I will begin it again. It was fitting to start my second year on my knees before the Blessed Sacrament with a rosary on St. Dominic’s feast day.

    Prayer is made to bring us to God.  To help us atone, nourish, and increase in our spiritual lives.  There are tough patches, great patches and smooth sailing patches.  Each has a purpose and they are worthy experiences for all to encounter.