Caffeine and Octane Tomorrow

I will be there, but not driving this Chevy

I will be there, but not driving this Chevy

EHW Photography will be at Caffeine and Octane tomorrow morning from 7A-11AM at 12600 Deerfield Parkway, Alpharetta, Georgia.  I’ll be selling photos, and hopefully capturing a few new ones to share!  Over 600 people and their autos usually attend.  So if you want to see classics, hotrods, and modern special editions come on down!


3rd Place!

Imagine this as a 16x20 metal!

Imagine this as a 16×20 metal!

EHW Photography took home 3rd place in the 2D art category at the Roswell Art Festival! There were over ninety vendors total, and over twenty outstanding 2D vendors.  So I am thrilled to receive this recognition for the hard work of my little crew.

It was a good weekend meeting great people.  Our next show I hope will be with the ROMEOS on the first Sunday in October in East Cobb, and then Octane on Caffine on the third Sunday of October.  I will also be setting up personal car shoots with many people I met this weekend.  I hope to show you that working the coming months!

Much more later…but for now I’m still excited and recovering from the long weekend.


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Roswell Art Festival! Start your engines!

A fast start....

A fast start….

The Roswell Art Festival is on Saturday and Sunday!  Come on down and enjoy over 100 vendors selling just about everything from lemonade, paintings, metal works and pictures like mine!  I’m also a little nervous since it is a festival with a set of judges looking for best of show.  Don’t know how I’ll fair there.

Take at look at the homepage and you’ll see my Fall Portfolio.  If there is a gift you need for Christmas…you just might find it!  Check my online store and you’ll find everything you need!  

Something not in the portfolio?  Is it in the archives?  Well call me and I’ll make it for you!  You want your own car, family or event photographed?  Give me a call!  It would be darn fun to make something for you!


Welcome to the new home of EHW Photography!

Here starts a new leg of the great jounrey!

Here starts a new leg of the great jounrey!

     Welcome to the new home of EHW Photography!

     This new website is the result of several months of discernment on where this photographic and life journey is taking my misson, artistic interests, and business opportunities.  So please let me take the opportunity to explain what you see before you!

     Last year when I started this business I had big dreams of what I could do with it.   I wanted to understand how the real world works for dinner, pay for my photography habit, give my children a workplace example they could participate in as part of homeschooling, and also express my joy in capturing God’s Glory in our daily lives!  As you could expect the real job interfered here, general life requirements interfered there, and pretty soon I realized how hard it would be to do anything I dreamed of a few months earlier!

     On the really good side I learned people liked my work more than disliked.  I just needed to give them a product they could either visualize on their home or use right away.  My children did a wonderful job of introducing themselves to potential clients, and helping me with various jobs at the market.  One even froze his fingers to the bone helping me get some of this year’s selections!  This taught me volumes, volumes I’d never learn standing on the sidelines..  For what it is worth, everything I learned merely made me realize how much more I need to learn in all areas of my craft!

     I also learned a lot about the technology and services available to business today.  Unfortunately for this part time owner, some the of really great solutions didn’t fit my model.  So after a mountain of research and fiddling I came up with a combination of Squarespace, Smugmug, Square Market, and Shootproof to make my work come to life.  That is why I will slowly move away from my WordPress site to this new one for all my work.

     So EHW Photography is ready and willing to help you.  I can help you decorate, learn a few lessons about camera operations, composition, editing photos, and even photograph your car if you’d like!  Most of all though I want to help you Capture His Glory in Life!

     God Bless You!