Roswell Art Festival! Start your engines!

A fast start....

A fast start….

The Roswell Art Festival is on Saturday and Sunday!  Come on down and enjoy over 100 vendors selling just about everything from lemonade, paintings, metal works and pictures like mine!  I’m also a little nervous since it is a festival with a set of judges looking for best of show.  Don’t know how I’ll fair there.

Take at look at the homepage and you’ll see my Fall Portfolio.  If there is a gift you need for Christmas…you just might find it!  Check my online store and you’ll find everything you need!  

Something not in the portfolio?  Is it in the archives?  Well call me and I’ll make it for you!  You want your own car, family or event photographed?  Give me a call!  It would be darn fun to make something for you!


Change of Perspective

Keeping the light on in his presence

Keeping the light on in his presence

Just a quick post as we all head past the top of the week…

Just a quick play with light and depth of field here in our Blessed Sacrament chapel a few weeks ago.

It is very peaceful in the chapel, and the soft lift, and lovely rose window let one sink into the presence of our Lord.  

Like most people I found myself drawn to the largest light source…and after a few minutes I realized the Lord was there in the quiet shadows waiting for us all.


A Good Day

New school, new playground, kids right at home

New school, new playground, kids right at home

     This weekend my family joined a co-op hybrid school (part school, part homeschool) at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new campus.  The event was simple and awesome.  Why?  Because they opened in thanksgiving, reminded everyone that the core mission of the school is to build the Kingdom of God, and we prayed over the people and facilities for God’s grace to reign down on them.  

     I worked as the “official” photographer.  I hope I did well enough that they ask me back! I told my wife that I felt great that I could be a part of the communinty by working.  She just smiled at me and whispered, “I know” as she smiled rubbed by head.  That wife of mine is a keeper.  (She’s at teacher orientation today!)

     One of my favorite moments was watching the lonely playground quickly fill with over a dozen children.  Here I caught just a second of the fun, but you can clearly see my son loving the fellowship of new and old friends.  It is a moment of joy I want to hold on to for a long time in my heart.


P.S.  For more information on this community of faith please go to the Regina Caeli Academy homepage


Missing my Kiddos

What does a Daddy miss on a trip?

How about the youngest playing in sand by the lake?

Or the lovely, thoughtful girl writing up her dreams in her special spot?

Or the good son who always tries to please and grow into a responsible young man way to fast?

Or how about the funny boy who always provides us wisdom in words as sharp as diamonds?


And of course the Momma who builds a warm home where love can grow.  (If I posted her photo without permission she’d kick my butt)

Funny how some time away always makes you long for home…and you forget about potty training, the work of cooking for six, someone’s sniffles, and the lost this or that…

Well time to head off to work…I bet my feelings are the same as those shared by every good Dad on the way to work…


P.S.  Three taken with the new X-E1 and various lenses…and one taken by a six year old Pentax K200D..yep it still takes good pictures if treated nicely!