Serious Intent

Serious Intent

Serious Intent

A quick post for today.  I love photojournalism.  In this genre I find that the key to a photo to to capture the story and emotion in one frame.

It is a great challenge to have!

If you want to see some great photojournalism check my friend Fran Ruchalski out!  He is a great artist and photojournalist!  Here is his webpage!  Fran Ruchalski

Well this is my son at the closing concert of an orchestra one day intensive.  He was intense as they played their patriotic songs and those of God’s glorious nature!

The shot was as captured in camera.  One advantage of my Fujifilm camera is that the film simulation modes have some easy customization features.  As a result putting a curve into the photo, and then using EV compensation eyeballed through the Electronic Viewfinder shortens my time in post on most family shots…and many jobs.


P.S. Fujifilm X-E1 with 50-200

Law Enforcement Memorial




On a recent trip I took the time to honor a few family and friends by visiting the National Law Enforcement memorial in Washington D.C. So many names…and unfortunately the number of names added each year accelerated each of the past few years. Let us pray that our collective discourse and conduct begins to rise up and help reduce the names added to this wall in the coming years.

P.S. This is an example of making the best of lunch hour shooting opportunity. The light was harsh and horrible for color shots, but by carefully watching the strength of the shadows and shade I tried to set the stage for a good black and white so I had something to remember the day.