Photographs are a snapshot of our memories…the question is where should they be be?  On your smartphone or in print?

I must say prints are the best in terms of long term since they are tangible.

Digital is the best for sharing in the here and now.

Like everything in life you should use the best medium for your purposes!

Here is the joy of a boy with his Grand Dad cruising the lake.  I will print it for me…but display it here to share.

I wonder what you may think on the topic!


PS A little Fujifilm X-20 shooting away having a lot of fun!

Wiley Coyote’s last stop

2013 Vacation

This is where Wiley Coyote Got off

This is where Wiley Coyote Got off

Did you grow up on Road Runner and Wiley Coyote cartoons?  If not your missing a little bit of modern education.

This site at the top of Pike’s Peak seemed to be the inspiration of all those falls Wiley Coyote took…Track runs all the way up to the edge and then…well it is a 2,000 foot drop.  Good for getting home in a hurry if you are not worried about arriving in one piece.

It was a fun part of the trip.  Everyone had to remember to work a little slower because it was not hard to get light headed up there in the thin air of 14,000 feet.


P.S.  Mr. Fuji made this trip up the hill.  A nice story teller told me once that if you can get an interesting angle, like the top shot that can be the grabber.  The second shot finishes the story you wanted to tell.  So depending on the purpose of your post, share either one or both.  I thought both would work better on this little story of our trip.

Watching you!

I'm watching you!

I’m watching you!

Keeping children entertained on a 90 minute or so train ride through very dense clouds s not an easy task, but that is exactly what we did climbing up Pike’s Peak.  Did you know then Captain Zebulon Pike attempted to climb this mountain in November?  He waned to do this while wearing a summer uniform back in 1806!

Kevin here took the time to enjoy the company of his grandfather for the ride up the mountain…and peppered him with questions and little “figgity” games you would expect of a six year old.  Grandad tempered Kevin’s energy with his wisdom so they did have a fun journey together that taught Kevin a few good nuggets of information along the way.

I personally was imagining Captain Pike’s First Sergeant looking at him just thinking he could get a tiny bit up that mountain…oh the burning eyeballs!

Looking through the eyes of a child, or in this case into they eyes of a child, can really charge us with both a fresh perspective AND energy to explore the world.  This type of energy propelled the great creatives and explorers of history.  Creatives who temper that youthful exploration with introspection are those that use their adventures to enrich the lives of those around them.  Those young creatives who don’t get a safe guiding hand…well they end up frozen on Pikes Peak…with their talents wasted in the alpine air.


P.S. Fujifilm X-E1 with the 18-55 “kit” lens.  Make no mistake…this is not your typical kit lens.

At the foot of the altar

At the foot of the altar...

At the foot of the altar…

Stunning artwork and symbols even at the foot of the altar in Grand Lake……one aspect of churches I truly enjoy are those which teach the faith through art…

I’ll have a treat in a few days when I show you the Cathedral of the Plains.  The parishioners there really made art and faith sing…

Since this was a circle the square frame seemed to be the best choice for the selection.