The Cheerio and the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Lonely Cheerio which should bug the devil out of me.

The Lonely Cheerio which should bug the devil out of me.

   I cleaned up the mess of a 15 month old boy’s self instruction in the art of eating, only to find an hour later I missed one more little crumb maker in a corner of the kitchen.  I used to get mad at messes like this, but over the last year I’ve chilled out a lot.  Somehow this cheerio made it into my rosary meditations last night.  Somehow this little cheerio, my reaction to it and the Sacred Heart of Jesus all came together.

    As I went through the Joyful Mysteries (Annunciation, Visitation, Nativity, Presentation and Discovery in the Temple) I thought of the incredible trust Joseph and Mary had in God.  First you have two people who have a plan…got job, get married and live a nice little life in Nazareth with a few kids along the way.  Then an angel appears to each of them and says…God has a different and much greater plan for you!  Both gracefully accept their commission, and they became the gateway for our Lord Jesus to enter the the world and save our souls.  

   After meditating on the first four mysteries I found myself thinking about how each our arrival in our family changed our worldly plans.  Gone were the new cars, fancy house, and two people generating good steady incomes.  I thought of how we prayed over the decision to homeschool our children, and the lifestyle changes it brought on us.  I thought of our acceptance of being open to life in our marriage with the blessings of five children and five miscarriages it brought.  This brought me back to the Cheerio on the floor while Jesus was in the temple as a young man.

    I related to the panic Joseph and Mary had when they could not find Jesus.  I could only imagine the things they wanted to say when they found Jesus calmly going about his father’s work in the temple.  In the moment of finding Jesus, Joseph and Mary each were able to view a mini-transfiguration.  Jesus foreshadowed to them his future mission, and how well he would perform it.  Joseph and Mary were able to put all their emotions and order, and enjoy a moment of clarity on what their entire lives were entirely ordered for.  Jesus’ parent saw a glimpse of Jesus Sacred Heart on display.

   That cheerio on the floor, one of hundreds I am sure, is one of the many of sins I’ve committed against God’s law in my lifetime.  Jesus may have used that cheerio  to have me peer into his Sacred Heart.  When I saw the cheerio, I quieted my mind and fury about why it was there.  I just accepted it was there.  

    Christ gives constant charity to me for my sins despite the wounds I place on his heart.  In turn I must continue mirroring his charity in my life despite all the changes and challenges the world and my choices put in the way.  This is what his parents did, and this is what I am called to do in living out the gospel through word and deed.

    Well time to go…little guy just finished his breakfast.   Low and behold!   There is a cheerio for me to pick up.


I found Dad’s Golden Toy Mine!

Mission Control this is John Paul.

JP – MC go ahead.

MC I have the toys in sight.  They are magnificent.  Two Fujifilm cameras, loads of lenses, batteries and HOLY BIRTHDAY CAKE the 56mm is here!  

JP you have permission to acquire the toys.

MC I have a problem…oh my it is a rigged flash…I’m on film…he caught me red handed.

JP Break Off! Break Off!  Go to ground!

MC will play baby no worries.  I’ll get another chance…I know where the toy mine is now.



Fleet Feet Bubbles

    The magic of bubble or two in the life of a child is indescribable.  A bubble is a one of a kind creation with a fleeting lease on life which can captivate a child’s imagination.  One set of magic bubbles like this will propel a child to make many more bubbles to see it if the magic will come again.  I guess it would not hurt us adults to have our own fleet feet bubbles to call our own!



Helen’s Best

    Still working on some of my images from Helen, Georgia.  We had a fantastic time there, and I would recommend it as a great place for a family trip.   After living in Germany, and traveling through Bavaria, the facade was fun to experience.  I often wondered what America would look like with some German architecture, well now I know the effect of mixing the two building codes. The most important three things about the town though were: the people were very nice, the recreation readily available, and the ladies loved our John Paul (and he loved them).

    With this final point made…I can say it was fun and could be visited yet again!