Horse Sense

Horse outside a retirement home down the street...

Horse outside a retirement home down the street…

    In bright sunny midday light some subjects just don’t work well with normal color.  The color actually becomes a distraction.  Some subjects also really don’t lend themselves to color photos either.  This was one of those days where a good black and white image was able to much more effective at conveying a message from an image.  In this case I just wanted to show off the power of the horse, and I think it worked.

    I’m liking the people I’ve meet here in Dallas so far…nice town and people.


Wonderful Time of Loving Labors

    When you see the photo of an adorable, 100% cute child you think of the wonders the child brings to the world.  When he is your child, and you meet him at 1AM for a quick diaper change and handoff to Mom a few other thoughts run through your tired mind about the same child.

    Nothing good in life comes free.  Nothing great comes without great cost and sacrifice. This is not only true of life, but of the path we need to take to heaven.

   Jesus lived a hard life, and so did his disciples.  He even had friends he loved suffer and die!  He was our king, and died a painful death on a cross he carried on his shoulders after a brutal set of beatings.  Yet despite these facts, I think most people imagine Christ in his gloriously transformed body by default.  A transfigured body he only obtained by passing through the painful death on a tree.

    So the next time you see 100% cuteness, don’t forget the work it takes to get there.  Also know the moment of glory is worth every sacrifice it took to make a glimpse of heaven on earth.



Using Constraint to Grow

Chairs looking for friends in 38 degree weather

Chairs looking for friends in 38 degree weather

    Today I walked out on a perfectly dreary overcast day.  No lighting existed for making magical images the eye naturally follows.  Instead I found myself working towards composition to make an interesting photo.  I had on my camera a trusty 35mm prime lens (it is a normal 50mm equivalent on my APSC).  This is a hard lens for me to use.  I really see the world normally at more of a 23mm view (a 35mm lens on my APSC sensor).  I found myself already constrained twice, so I added another constraint to my day.  Compose everything for black and white as well!

   I should have felt depressed and boxed in.  Somehow that did not happen.  I found myself invigorated to look at the world in a whole new way instead.  The resulting shots were some I’d never thought to do if I was just plain being normal.  I grew, maybe, a little in my versatility and creativity because of this experiment.

    When you really think about it, it is the same in a lot of endeavors.  One of which I may get to discuss tomorrow night.  As for now, I hit the constraint of time available in a day.  It is off to bed with me now.

God Bless


PS Fujifilm XT-1 with 35mm.  Fun gear!



Techie Wednesday

A touch of color

A touch of color

Today is Techie Wednesday is about color, or lack thereof…

Today we have a lovely photo where the color of Blues and Greens provided a nice compliment to each other.  However I wanted a bit more…I wanted contrast of the blue on grey to make the blue really pop on the screen while the leaves provided context without distraction.

So remember that!  Black and White focuses the eye on the structure, patterns, form of the photograph.  Color can sometimes enhance this, but many times will detract from it.

In this case I wanted to place each element where it would help me make an image with impact.  So I used both to the best effect I could.

Hopefully if you like these little techie moments I’ll make sure they get out to you more often.


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