Capturing the Glory of our Spiritual Dawn

Windmill on the property of the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament, Hanceville, Alabama

Windmill on the property of the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament, Hanceville, Alabama

    When I saw this windmill I could see the outline, but not the details.  The vast contrast between the bright rising sun and the shadow side of the windmill also deprived my eyes of fine color detail.  My brain knew what was before me, but my senses could not grasp all the details as the wind gently started moving the blades and changing the scene.  

    I looked into the scene and then began to think of our spiritual lives.  We first know the world as it exists around us with natural light and law.  When God’s light falls on the land the contrast between the right and wrong becomes distinct.  What we thought before of our environment will radically change if we embrace God’s law as our spiritual dawn arises.

    This is the key moment in the transition between dawn to day in our spiritual lives.  If we accept God’s law over us, the light will continue to grow into full day.  If we decide to follow man’s law alone, we’ll need to wait for the street lamps to come on to make sense of the world.  Street lamps are no substitute for God’s light.

    Even with embracing God’s Law bringing on our spiritual day, our earthly minds will never see the world as clearly as God sees it.  We will, however, be gifted with the knowledge and graces needed to avoid pitfalls if we ask for them with heart, mind and soul.  If we grasp the offered graces, sacraments, and penance we have a better chance to stay on the path to heaven.  

    If we obtain the prize of heaven through the gift of God’s mercy, we will one day see as God sees.  The outlines will suddenly become full of detail, the high contrast will yield brilliant color, and the slightest breeze will be noticed and appreciated.  

   Sounds good to me…




Six Months and Going Strong

John Paul Tracking along at six 12 months duds.

John Paul Tracking along at six months…in 12 months duds.

    Amidst the winter illnesses and stresses of life comes one great story…John Paul celebrated six months Friday!  He continues to excel in the growth department, weighing in around 19 pounds and long enough to DEMAND twelve month duds.  As the bib says, he is heaven sent and on a mission to be 100% cuteness (so others besides the Dad says).

    I cannot believe we are so lucky to have John Paul.  I cannot believe the love the other children show him, and the care they give him every day.  I am so blessed to watch the creation of new hearts open to life and the work required to bring it to fruition.  It is a series of observations which through pretenses of materialism into the shredder, because their work for John Paul demonstrates the power of agape love.  John Paul detracts nothing from the older kids, and in the big kids work for John Paul they glorify God.

    We still need prayers for Mom to get fully healthy, but for just a minute I want to bask in a moment of God’s Glory captured in a digital form.  I hope it gives you as much hope and joy as I get when I see it.  For if our lives are to be full of toil (or so says Proverbs) seeing a moment of God’s makes the work worth it to survive to see another day.


Baby’s world grows

    The verdict is in…getting your own crib is what a man is supposed to do!  John Paul began the journey of leaving our room to the boys bunk area by testing out the crib.  He found the decor very masculine, the sound system soothing, and dancing animals to his liking.

    I felt a wide range of emotions as I set up the crib.  Here is, not even three months old, and he is already outgrowing the clothes and his cradle!  It is the start of the journey to adulthood for John Paul.  At least he has a stuffed St John Paul the Great to keep him company!  Despite the knowledge he has to grow up, I don’t want him to do it completely alone!

    It must not be much different than the feeling Jesus must have as he sees us move on in our lives…  He wants us to be individuals, he gives us the tools to grow and live good independent lives.  He just does not want to see us do it all alone.  He actually begs us to bring him along.  Oh that we could always do that!


Joy in the Yard – Culture of Life

Joy comes from little victories in life

Joy comes from little victories in life


    Yesterday the joy of the children, especially Kellie Marie, displayed visible joy when seeing their mother work a complex problem outside for the first time in a year.  I could not miss the chance to capture this miracle moment though.  A moment where the culture of life shone through the Joy in the Yard.

    Today my wife will join other mothers in a Rosary for the success of the synod in Rome.  We need the church Fathers to support needs of natural law families in an world increasingly hostile to Christians.  We need to have provide a clarity and compassion to each of us sinners.    Many false prophets call us to us today.  The desire to lead us astray of the true Wisdom dispersed on our very natures before recorded time began.  

    We need to ensure people understand there is no dishonor in coming to the confessional, doing penance and returning to full communion in the Universal Church.  Mercy cannot flow without acceptance of our own faults, and recognition of God’s Wisdom being the path to heaven.  This means pastoral care is intensely personal, and needs to be so since the Holy Spirit will interact with each of us differently to achieve God’s plan for the world.

    St John Paul the Great pray for us and your brother princes of the church today!