What does Homeschool look like?



At our house school runs when school needs to run. Momma keeps a tight ship, and it really helps the family. Right now all the children love the arrangement and the results they get….us parents are highly pleased as well. What we don’t know how to help them with, we’ve sought and received the right help to meet the challenge. In a way showing the children how we research and devise strategies to help them is another education in itself of great value.

Since we started homeschooling the family displayed a greater sense of calmness, our children are helping us relearn the way of our faith every day, and we seem to attack challenges with a greater sense of teamwork. Heck I really don’t know how we’d pull all this together without their age appropriate assistance with everything we do.

For this of you interested in homeschooling and looking for resources try the http://www.setonhome.com for the Seton Homeschool program. It is one choice of many, find the right one for you. After three years I still have not found a family that after starting said it did not positively help their family life.


Portraits with Michele Celentano


Yesterday I had the joy of attending a class in formal portrait photography provided by Michele Celentano. Michele is a wonderful tea her who constantly through us into the fire…with a safety net. It was was wonderful.

The key lessons are simple, but the devil is in the details. Where I’m looking big picture she already was two steps ahead of me going into details. Not just any details but how a hand is laid down on a brother’s shoulder, or if the whites of the eyes are too visible….these details are what makes her a master formal portrait artist.

I’d just like to say thank you to her for her dedication to the instruction yesterday. I’ll be taking it home and putting it all to work as soon as I can so I don’t forget the lessons learned….

More importantly I’ll keep some of that passion for the craft she imprinted on me for a long time to come!