My Childhood Pillar of Faith

My Mom gets her hands on her youngest grandchild

My Mom gets her hands on her youngest grandchild

    Teach us to count up the days that are ours, and we shall come to the heart of wisdom.   Psalm 90:12 from Catholic Online

   While reading a great book called The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic, the author postulates a necessary part of raising families of strong faith is a pillar of prayer inside the extended family.  This person’s prayer can sustain their children, draw grace towards them and be a beacon home to the Lord’s wisdom.  I closed my eyes, and without any thought saw my mother as my childhood pillar of faith.

    I saw my mother with her rosary in hand praying through her asthma attacks when no medicine existed to calm it.  I remember her praying when her children encountered challenges to our faith and souls.  I always remember her humility when she knew a complex problem exceeded her immediate knowledge, asking the Lord to show her the way through the maze ahead one step at a time through prayer and hard work.

   I know she received this the path of prayer from her parents.  My Nana told us to pray for the soul needing the ambulance when it raced past her house in Easton, Pennsylvania.  My Nana and Pappap said the rosary together every night when I lived with them for their family.  So it was generational…and a great gift.

    Now the challenge is to be the pillar for my children to remember, and know the way home always starts with humility before the Lord in prayer.  Until I get it all right I will know my Mom has me covered…



Joy in the Yard – Culture of Life

Joy comes from little victories in life

Joy comes from little victories in life


    Yesterday the joy of the children, especially Kellie Marie, displayed visible joy when seeing their mother work a complex problem outside for the first time in a year.  I could not miss the chance to capture this miracle moment though.  A moment where the culture of life shone through the Joy in the Yard.

    Today my wife will join other mothers in a Rosary for the success of the synod in Rome.  We need the church Fathers to support needs of natural law families in an world increasingly hostile to Christians.  We need to have provide a clarity and compassion to each of us sinners.    Many false prophets call us to us today.  The desire to lead us astray of the true Wisdom dispersed on our very natures before recorded time began.  

    We need to ensure people understand there is no dishonor in coming to the confessional, doing penance and returning to full communion in the Universal Church.  Mercy cannot flow without acceptance of our own faults, and recognition of God’s Wisdom being the path to heaven.  This means pastoral care is intensely personal, and needs to be so since the Holy Spirit will interact with each of us differently to achieve God’s plan for the world.

    St John Paul the Great pray for us and your brother princes of the church today!



Once Upon a Dream

    When you give my girl music, a dress and a light saber you get a whole new version of the Saber Dance!  She takes after her big sister who as I type is spinning in the kitchen as she loads up her breakfast cereal.   All children at some point need to enter the real world, but for now I love keeping them safe to dream and play in a wholesome way.


The magic of the 56 at 2.8

Oh the magic is back...

Oh the magic is back…

    About two weeks ago I splurged on a tool used for a job I did this past weekend: A Fujifilm 56mm F1.2 prime lens.  This is primarily a portrait lens, and it fits right into my goal for the year, to take better portraits of people.  Last year when I test drove this lens for ten days I was sad to see it go home, and I vowed to one day find it one sale.  I found this copy used without the box and lens hood…but for 30% off retail it was a good deal.

    I will be the first one to tell you, it is not the equipment which makes a photo. The photographer makes the photo using the equipment at hand.  I know people who can shoot circles around me using manual film cameras and while developing film in the darkroom.  I will also tell you it does not hurt to have a special piece of equipment or two to use from time to time.  

    So here is one of my first four shots from my short telephoto (ok purists a 56mm on an APS-C sensor is an 85mm on a 35mm camera so yes it is a short telephoto).  A really nice shot of happy boy, who is growing before my eyes this summer.

    I look forward to sharing more from this lens in the years to come.  With a little permission from my last customer maybe I can show you the work I did this weekend for some wonderful women.  Fuji made a classic lens, and I am very lucky to have one to learn more of my craft.