Minor miracle of Divine Mercy

Stained glass window above the altar of St Pope St John XIII in Miramar, Florida

Stained glass window above the altar of St Pope St John XIII in Miramar, Florida

    As I continue to grow in my faith I strive for constant learning of new devotions and receiving apologetics.  Just before Easter, Catholic Digest arrived at the House. I read it on Palm Sunday.  During my readings I saw a few in depth articles about the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Novena.  I found myself impressed, and desired to say the novena starting on Holy Thursday.  I was doing other missions over the Tridium and started late…so instead of culminating my novena sunday I finished my novena yesterday.

    Yesterday I left on a trip.  I was not enthused about this trip, too much to do both at home and the office.  As is my custom, I took my camera to see what I could capture for his glory.  As my stomach growled, and light started to wane I quickly searched the map for the keyword Catholic.  Right down the street was St. John XIII Catholic Church.  I set off to visit.  I asked the office if I could take some pictures of the church, and they said yes but to please not bother people in the Adoration Chapel…of course I agreed.  I am sure the lady thought I was crazy, but most people do!

     The photo above was what I first saw when I entered the church.  It is a stained glass version of the Divine Mercy image commissioned by St. Faustina.  I went into the Adoration Chapel to complete my novena for the day.  Around the chapel I found great comfort.  I saw images and traditions from Mexico, Poland, Italy, and Western Europe.  I was at home away from home in the arms of my Catholic faith.

     I know many may not think much of my little reported miracle.  I recently read a set of comments by people about how they could never give themselves over to belief in God.  They said the science just was not there.   I will pray for them to receive the grace of Divine Mercy, so they too can see the little gifts of God’s love all around them .  The hug of a child, the kindness of a passer by, the sacrifice needed to preserve true freedom in this world all are things I want and will capture here on this blog. I hope through these little miracles I see and record using the science of light others may come to accept the Grace of God and live in his glory.


A little prayer for the day

Little photo from a few years ago on a great vacation....

Little photo from a few years ago on a great vacation….

      Ok time to sound crazy…but I’m still very sane.

     During my drive into the office today I heard a few messages delivered from the Lord in a timely manner by the Divine Office of Readings.  (You can read them online at www.divineoffice.org

The reading was from Second Book of Chronicles 20:1-9, 13-24 (Click here to read the Bible passage) about God offering help to Jehoshaphat save Judah from swarming enemies.  And God does just that when he follows directions properly.

The final prayer would at first seem to be contrary to the reading at first and it goes as follows:

O God, who show the light of your truth to those who go astray, so that they may return to the right path, give all who for the faith they profess are accounted Christians the grace to reject whatever is contrary to the name of Christ and to strive after all that does it honor.

Through our Lord, Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever


     On reflection it does not contradict anything.  For all that we witness in the world today, we still must remain well armed like Jehoshaphat.  He was a sinning man like all the rest of us, and did not always listen and follow the Lord.  He did walk mostly the right way though!  

     That is why we must always pray for the light of truth to shine on us and the rest of mankind when we go astray.  It can bring us home to unity with Christ if we follow it.  Once home with Christ, we must then willingly welcome still more sinners home.  Our continuing mission will be to pray for and reach out to all to people to come home with Christ.  For unlike government services…God’s party never runs out of the goods and we can all be happy!

Weakness turned into everlasting life


Christ took on the burdens of all of us. He hung the on the tree, and the weight of our sins pulled him into death.

Christ then showed how the power of God defies worldly wisdom.

In the weakness of death he set all men free.

By ripping open the gates of hell, Jesus brought the gospel to the faithful who died before his word circulated the world. Those who embraced it, I am sure, are now saints in heaven praying for us below.

The words he preached continue today to circulate among us, and possess the power to save us if we surrender our lives to him.

I am working on the complete surrender to Christ’s call…I know it is a lifelong process. I know with each step I take, he will be there with me making my cross lighter. I certainly know that this week he lifted my family up through the power of his love, his church’s sacraments, and words of wisdom. I could not have done it without him.

I hope you too will make the same journey, because God’s love grows with each and every step we take together in his name!


A little Art in the Park

A little Art in the Park

A little Art in the Park

Just doing a little art in the park….I hope to see some of the great people I met today again!

Thank God for the blessedly great day, and to visit my friend Jack down the street.  I left him a photo of Christ on the Cross he immediately recognized….which is lovely since he is battling Alzheimers…