Called to the light

Today’s Gospel describes the challenges we face both externally and internally after we accept the call to follow Christ.  Will be be shallow soil?  Will we wilt under the thorns?  Will we make ourselves good ground for the word of God.  So as we face East and fix our gaze on the light of Christ what ground are we standing in?  What do we need to do to grow well?

A good thought for tonight. 


The Skateboarder


     The weather broke wonderful this afternoon in Miami.  I could tell the locals were loving it.  The lonely benches were full, men and women dressed up to go out, boats started moving in the marinas, and families were back in the park walking.  I was loving the break in the weather myself as the breeze kept me cool and comfortable in the afternoon sun walking to dinner.

     Today I wanted to catch a few people in “street photography” mode.  I got two keepers.  The first was this skateboarder.  He was having his fun here near, using this launching pad six to eight feet from three lanes of traffic.  He was quite good with his tricks.  To him they were just warm ups.  If it was me on the board, it would be death defying.

     Home tomorrow!  I cannot wait.  I know it will take more than a few minutes to get used to the noise of five extra bodies running around with their own agendas, but that is what being a Dad is all about right?


The Three Block Alternate Universe

     This building on the Bay in Downtorn is massive, modern and very interesting.  Yet just three blocks away is historic downtown Miami…are buldings just as interesting in different way! 

I’ve never seen a perfume store this large before!  Of course I probably could have used this store to hide my sweaty self!

There were also other veteran buildings to enjoy….

Classic architecture!  Love it…I just hope the electrcal gets updated to keep up with modern technology Walgreens will want to cram into that store!

     You’ll also find neat little eateries tucked in like this cafeteria right across from resturants I could not afford to eat at!

     And four blocks south of the cafeteria is this across the canal…modern wow factor.

     Miami is an amazing city in many, many ways!