Picnic Time

Roswell's Picnic Place

Roswell’s Picnic Place

Walking down the street in Roswell in any season you will see the picnic place ready to host you for a bit on the lawn.  At night it is quite a busy place, and finding a seat on the lawn is harder than it looks!

One of the hard things in composing this photo is that there are so many elements.  Everywhere I looked multiple items poked themselves out to say, “Focus on me!”  I tackled this in my viewfinder by getting the sign to grab your attention…and framed it with trees, sidewalk and the house.   In the end, I hope the composition corralled the picnic scene and made you think about taking one there!

I attended mass tonight, and had to say I could not miss the parallels to prayer life.  I wanted a few minutes of peace…and the dang work phone beeped.  In my job I cannot ignore it, or I could get reprimanded.  So I had to look.  As a result my prayer life..not just then…but always…gets diverted from thinking of God to a distraction  I had to laugh when I thought about how this is the perfect Devil’s tool for my weaknesses…and pulled me away from the solitude required to listen for God’s directions.

So somehow in the next week, I will try to push those distractions away.  I need to carve out the quiet needed to calm my mind and stay on the course the Lord intends for us all.