Christ the Judge in a World of Noise

Christ the judge at the National Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C.

Christ the judge at the National Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C.

       The world is full of manmade noise. Noise, sounds and vibrations with no Godly organization, only serve to distract us from our ingrained mission of finding and loving the Lord.  This means if we want to draw ourselves to the Lord, we must through force of will, ignore the world’s noise so our souls can make music in harmony with God’s intended design for the world.

     For example, take a look at tomorrow’s March for Life in Washington, D.C.  There thousands will walk as a result of a court decision literally made up from the air the justices breathed, and created with little factual evidence or legal precedent.  The whim of men created “rights” which did not exist ever before, denied the humanity of a child in the wound established with natural law at the dawn of time, and to this day results in the extermination of so many people it is actually fulfilling Margret Sangster’s dream of the ethnic cleansing of “lesser” peoples.  Oh the thoughts of this are nauseating to God fearing people everywhere!

    In the thousands of words the people attending will hear tomorrow, very few will change the hearts and minds of committed abortion supporters.  Why?  Abortion rights supporters will constantly deny the humanity of the child in the womb by shouting their own words over anyone opposing them.  They will continue trying to convince themselves their own destiny must not include the life they helped create.  They know they cannot avoid the consequences of their own actions, but they will shout themselves horse trying to convince themselves otherwise.  In a way it is a perfect demonstration of evil madness to try and deny physical realities in such a way.  The thousands of words hurled by the protesters will only be added noise to these abortion supporters.

    What caused these abortion supporters the most fear?  It is the mandatory waiting period, and ultrasound machine testing.  Why?  Because in the quiet of a doctor’s office, with the noise of the world isolated from the room, the reality of natural law confronting hardened hearts wins over far more souls than continue to deny there is a new life in their womb.  Abortionists loathe the requirement any person listen to the heart beating while they see the face of their child before they kill it.  

    The sound of natural law runs naturally in the heart of the unborn child, and speaks with a clarity to unsettled souls like no other sound on earth.  Oh how I wish we could mandate put the father in the room as well!  Maybe the natural music could save three souls at a time, and help make a proper family.

   So the next time you find yourself lost in a sea of manmade noise, find a place where you can slow down and hear the pulse of life.  Let the pulse remind you of your place in the cosmos as a child called to God.  Then follow the call of this music to build his kingdom in word and deed.  Then maybe it will be easier to get a smile out of Christ the Judge when the time comes to meet him.





Pray for Us!

The 2015 Darebot Robotics Team

The 2015 Darebot Robotics Team

    The First Lego League’s first elimination round starts on Saturday at 7:30AM.  Our Regina Caeli Darebots will be there, and ready to compete.  Under the direction of Coach Les Levergood, Assistant Coach Fred Bunn and myself they grew a great deal…or maybe in spite of our coaching they grew!  If you want to catch up on their adventures you can visit them at the website Regina Caeli Darebots.  

    The team practiced two to three times a week since late August. Now after the long series of rehearsals they are ready to compete….for the first and possible last time!  Coach Levergood ran a tight ship this year, and Coach Bunn brought excellent programming instruction to the kids.  Solving the mysteries of the gyroscope was an incredible experience for the kids.  I helped them build out their presentations.   

    The team will do three presentations to judges Saturday morning.  The first will be their sales pitch for ways to improve collection methods of depleted uranium on test ranges and battlefields.  They will then explain how they grew as a group using the lessons from Core Values.  Finally, they will discuss robot design and programming methods.  In the afternoon they will run their robot Penguin through the course several times using different teams of Darebots.  At the end of the day, they will find out if they are in the upper third of 40 or so teams. If they are they may move on to regionals in January!

   Tomorrow Coach Levergood will guide the seven of them through six and half hours of final rehearsals!  So pray for Coach L and then the team!

Here is Penguin the robot!

Here is Penguin the robot!

Fall and Hope


  Each fall I get very reflective on my mortality.  I see my passing life like the leaves.  I hope and pray my colors will be strong and bold for the Lord when my time comes to pass to the next phase of life.

    God does things mysteriously to us mere mortals.  This week I witnessed a testimony of faith from men and women of amazing power as we lifted up others in prayer.  I felt the sting of arrows of despair when evil crossed my path.  I heard the wisdom of the Lord written down over a period of three thousand years from his disciples across the ages, and found hope to deflect the disparaging arrows in the Divine Office.  I also received a gift to help my discernment on future missions to advance the Lord’s intentions with the gifts he entrusted to me.

        The week still has time to go, but it is giving me much to ponder and wonder about in the awe of his Grace.  God is good all the time.  I hope my ability to see his works, and those of evil trying to tear us apart, will help my colors shine brightly for him all my days here and the hereafter.



Where is the blog?

    A few people asked me why the blog posts slowed down.  So I thought I would address that this morning since I’ve blogged more than ever the last few months!   I support two important activities for my children (outside of paying the bills and homeschooling): Blue Knights and First Lego League.

   Blue Knights is a boys evangelization effort I run with some willing and faith filled Dads.  I am the head coordinator this year for both our year groups, and my friend Les (John Paul’s Godfather) runs the first years.  I am very happy to report three other friends are very excited and participating as well…one runs the before meeting games and the two new dads are digging into the program very quickly.   This effort is time consuming though.  We have one template meeting a month, and the second I have to brainstorm inside the program objectives.  Between the meetings my sons and I work on the evangelization questions, daily prayer, and a few craft projects.  The work is worth it when you see all the boys light up hearing about the great lives of our saints and teaching of our church.

    The second major activity is the Darebot First Lego League team.  Les runs this group, and I am one of two dedicated assistant coaches.  During the fall and winter we can meet two to three times a week for several hours to prepare for the competition.  I am helping build out the project and team building aspects of the competition.  Thankfully Les is a great coach for the kids, and I just have to keep up.

   For both activities I run separate WordPress blogs.   You can view them and see all the fun events and activities yourself.  It is where life is on display, and some pretty fun street & documentary photography!  Here are the sights!  Darebots and St Michael’s Blue Knights

   So the next time you wonder where are the pretty pictures trees, flowers, Americana, and grace you’ve come to expect regularly…just know they go on in two different venues.  I’ll keep pushing on here the best I can as well!