Miracle Photo of our Year

July 29, 2015: The miracle moment photo

July 29, 2015: The miracle moment photo

    This year was one of great sacrifice as we worked to bring John Paul into the world.  Sacrifice came in many forms.  Carrie labored daily fighting nausea which would bring me to tears, the children contributed to running the house more than ever, people took time to pray for us around the country, friends and family also dropped all to come and help in moments of need.  The work continues today as my wife recovers and the family adjusts.  We could not be more grateful for the sacrifice of others and health of John Paul.

    John Paul continues to be our miracle of a baby.  He smiles and brings out the best in all of us.  He truly is a gift from heaven teaching us to  live out agape love without restraint.   As a reward our hearts filled with more love from heaven than we could have ever imagined in our materialistic world.

    We’ll pray your year wraps up well, and the next one brings you the spiritual direction needed to walk towards Christ with more strength than ever before.



Fall and Hope


  Each fall I get very reflective on my mortality.  I see my passing life like the leaves.  I hope and pray my colors will be strong and bold for the Lord when my time comes to pass to the next phase of life.

    God does things mysteriously to us mere mortals.  This week I witnessed a testimony of faith from men and women of amazing power as we lifted up others in prayer.  I felt the sting of arrows of despair when evil crossed my path.  I heard the wisdom of the Lord written down over a period of three thousand years from his disciples across the ages, and found hope to deflect the disparaging arrows in the Divine Office.  I also received a gift to help my discernment on future missions to advance the Lord’s intentions with the gifts he entrusted to me.

        The week still has time to go, but it is giving me much to ponder and wonder about in the awe of his Grace.  God is good all the time.  I hope my ability to see his works, and those of evil trying to tear us apart, will help my colors shine brightly for him all my days here and the hereafter.



Where is the blog?

    A few people asked me why the blog posts slowed down.  So I thought I would address that this morning since I’ve blogged more than ever the last few months!   I support two important activities for my children (outside of paying the bills and homeschooling): Blue Knights and First Lego League.

   Blue Knights is a boys evangelization effort I run with some willing and faith filled Dads.  I am the head coordinator this year for both our year groups, and my friend Les (John Paul’s Godfather) runs the first years.  I am very happy to report three other friends are very excited and participating as well…one runs the before meeting games and the two new dads are digging into the program very quickly.   This effort is time consuming though.  We have one template meeting a month, and the second I have to brainstorm inside the program objectives.  Between the meetings my sons and I work on the evangelization questions, daily prayer, and a few craft projects.  The work is worth it when you see all the boys light up hearing about the great lives of our saints and teaching of our church.

    The second major activity is the Darebot First Lego League team.  Les runs this group, and I am one of two dedicated assistant coaches.  During the fall and winter we can meet two to three times a week for several hours to prepare for the competition.  I am helping build out the project and team building aspects of the competition.  Thankfully Les is a great coach for the kids, and I just have to keep up.

   For both activities I run separate WordPress blogs.   You can view them and see all the fun events and activities yourself.  It is where life is on display, and some pretty fun street & documentary photography!  Here are the sights!  Darebots and St Michael’s Blue Knights

   So the next time you wonder where are the pretty pictures trees, flowers, Americana, and grace you’ve come to expect regularly…just know they go on in two different venues.  I’ll keep pushing on here the best I can as well!

Baby’s world grows

    The verdict is in…getting your own crib is what a man is supposed to do!  John Paul began the journey of leaving our room to the boys bunk area by testing out the crib.  He found the decor very masculine, the sound system soothing, and dancing animals to his liking.

    I felt a wide range of emotions as I set up the crib.  Here is, not even three months old, and he is already outgrowing the clothes and his cradle!  It is the start of the journey to adulthood for John Paul.  At least he has a stuffed St John Paul the Great to keep him company!  Despite the knowledge he has to grow up, I don’t want him to do it completely alone!

    It must not be much different than the feeling Jesus must have as he sees us move on in our lives…  He wants us to be individuals, he gives us the tools to grow and live good independent lives.  He just does not want to see us do it all alone.  He actually begs us to bring him along.  Oh that we could always do that!