Playing Tag

If you thought playing tag at DjaDja’s house meant running around 14 acres of land on your feet…you’d be so last century!  Heck we give the two year old and seasoned citizen the leg up in every way.  In fact the only guy running on foot was the cameraman!


Feel the heat!


The competitors lined up their forces and studied their opponent. They peered into each other’s eyes Looking for weakness. In the last twelve months each grew in various ways, the younger one practicing each week with new sparring partners to take on his mentor. With hardly a sound the hounds of war slashed across the field of battle, slaying with precision cuts and discipline the enemy who was careless in his positioning. After fighting for twenty minutes and new sound crossed the battlefield….

A young boys voice said, “Is a horse stronger than a castle? Who is winning? How do you know?”

What fun to see one son dueling with his Uncle Steve, and the other loving on him as soon as the game was over to get his own special time. It is an annual event now each boy looks forward to. It is a special time to watch them bond, and see how my sons grow to appreciate, in new ways only a boy one year older could, the good man my Uncle is.

I’ve known for years how great a guy he is because he takes such good care of my Aunt, and my Dad’s youngest sister who is only 10 years older than me. She and I were pals when I was a kid..and on Thanksgivings she often came home from school to find me sharing her bunk for the weekend! That is what happens when you have a family of nine and a whole lot of kids/grandparents pouring in! No space is scared! Well I only want the best for her, and Uncle Steve definitely is the best medicine God ever dropped on her!

Yes it is one of the best memories a man can have in life…the knowledge that good lessons and memories are now passing through three generations.

P.S. Fujifilm X-E1 with 18-55