My Valentine Loves

My big three year old...who needs it her way!

My big three year old…who needs it her way!

    Somehow Valentine’s day came and provided us a good bit of time together, while we all worked a number of projects simultaneously.  Of course the Daddy was able to distract a few with donuts for a while!  While three kids got a donut with Daddio (who only drank a cup of decaf)…the big girl enjoyed some peace and quiet with her mother for two hours.  

    I know some may say we’re crazy for having all these kids, and I have to admit when I look at the daily calendar I almost think they are right.  When you have children you know who runs the house calendar most days of the week.

Kevin full of heart

Kevin full of heart

   Then I look at these photos.  I remember the smiles, heartaches, experienced frustrations, lessons going both ways, and the love spelled agape.  The moment I work through the memories and reach the agape though I must pause in awe.

    See the agape moment is the connection I have now with my parents and in-laws.  My Mom just sent me a note telling me she made my Dad’s favorite dinner…meatloaf…and I remembered meatloaf dinners she made for my birthdays.  I know the stories of my in-laws scrapping pennies to save up for a nice trailer, and camping trips with their family they never forget.  Those are moments of selflessness we are meant to live for.  Those selfless acts are what connects us from one generation to the next with fondness.   I have yet to see a selfish act do the same.  

The boy with a golden touch with children..and their greatest defender

The boy with a golden touch with children..and their greatest defender

    In that agape moment His Glory shines through…and I must capture it with a click of the shutter.  I hope you can see His Glory in these captures of time as well.

The oldest soul amongst us...with a gift of kindness in all things

The oldest soul amongst us…with a gift of kindness in all things


P.S.  Fujifilm XT-1 with electronic shutter enabled…and a whole lot of experimentation going on!  Processed in Capture One Pro 8